Do “Disney” Dreams Come True?

“All you dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them” – Walt Disney (“ThinkExist”).  

A statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse in Walt Disney World

     I would argue that everybody dreams young and old. We all have dreams about love, the present, and the future. I believe that our dreams come from the societies in which we live in. In my Western view of the world, I am conditioned to dream about having a successful career, to get married and to raise a family. In addition, I think that Disney has affected my life and the lives of others. Disney culture has and continues to impact people of all ages because of the ways it is engrained in our society. Disney films I think play a role in our development and what we would like to achieve in our lifetimes.

     At my age, I can reflect on Disney movies that I have watched as a child, I think that these films have played a role in my ideas and beliefs about love. In a book, called Walt Disney World: Then, Now and Forever, Walt Disney is quoted with stating this, “… Walt himself believed, “Too many people grow up… They don’t remember what it’s like to be twelve years old… they treat children as inferiors. I won’t do that. I’ll temper a story, yes. But I won’t play down, and I won’t patronize” (Gordon and Kurtti 10). Walt Disney’s beliefs demonstrate that a category of people have grown up with Disney however, we are quick to forget about our childhood. I agree and disagree with this because I do think that we grow up and forget about our childhood dreams but, these dreams are still very present in our lives as we mature. I believe that we carry what we have learned and use it in our futures. The versions of stories and fairy tales that Disney revitalized have become part of our lives in new ways. Most people are looking for their “love story” and I believe as a child one may think it is going to happen like a Disney movie. Therefore, Disney films allow for the young and old to form ideas and attitudes or to experience parts of their childhood that they forget.

     In addition, as Disney is an active part in Western culture, individuals learn and grow up on the ideals which it creates. In an article, called “Simulations of Culture: Disney and the Crafting of American Popular Culture” Trifonas discusses the influence of Disney on American culture he states, “Disney is hard to resist. We have known that since we were children. Sometimes, Disney has shown us a representation of the world as we have experienced it both realistically and allegorically. At other times, it has revealed a vision of the world as we would like it to be, a place of innocence and enchantment where all is well that ends well” (28). Trifonas makes the point that Disney is embodied in our culture, and has been for many years. Disney has taught people something about the world that they want to live in. However, this allows people to get unrealistic expectations because the world is a lot harder and problematic then pretty much any movie. Disney films give I think people hope and a way for them to escape to a world that may not be possible or tangible.

Cinderella and young "princesses"

     Gordon and Kurtti believe that, “ “The Disney fantasy is not so much about the superficial symbols of princess and dragon… as it is about the underlying notions that make the stories and their characters resonate across the generations: imagination, hope, aspiration, persistence, honesty, loyalty, bravery, and enduring power of dreams” (10). Disney continues to impact people of all ages because of I think the meanings and beliefs are evident in their movies. In our culture, Disney has provided an audience with stories that will live on for generations because of the implications that they convey. In addition, as Disney has created movies about princesses and princes it is the meanings understood that are significant. Although Disney has conformed to the norms of society and has not provided audiences with strong and independent female characters; movies, characters, products, parks, and live events continue to be successful. I believe this is because Disney has influenced our culture so greatly that we associate our dreams with Disney.

     Do “Disney” dreams come true? I believe that they do. I think that I am optimistic but, the only way for your dreams to come true is yourself. Characters like, Cinderella, Ariel or Snow White are helpless princesses who just want to get married however, their dreams come true. We look up to these characters for guidance and support. However, I think they teach people and especially girls what they want in life. Each character has their flaws but teach people to follow their dreams (even if it is to get married and live happily ever after).   

     This is a combination of Disney films created by an individual on YouTube. It shows famous Disney characters as well as their love stories and happily ever afters timed very nicely to Taylor Swift’s “Love Story”. Enjoy!  



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