“Disney Gave Me Unrealistic Expectations About Love”

     My inspiration for this blog, came from a Facebook group that I joined a couple of years ago. I am a big lover of anything Disney and this group came to my attention, called Disney Gave Me Unrealistic Expectations About Love. When I joined this group, I did not realize the importance of such an idea. I thought that it was cute and true, but never thought about it critically. This group has an interesting concept because of the value that it holds in society and how Disney films, princesses, princes etc. have taught and impacted people of all ages.

     The information section of Disney Gave Me Unrealistic Expectations About Love is also very intriguing because of the way it which the creator has cleverly combined aspects from popular Disney movies it states,

“For the young of heart who believe that:
Glass slippers and pumpkin carriages are comfortable,
Swapping your voice and family for a pair of legs is a good deal,
Love transforms haughty beasts into Princes,
Pretty girls fall for hunchbacks,
Kissing a sleeping Princess with 100 years of morning breath is pleasant,
All boys grow up, stop fighting pirates, and fall in love,
Gods give up their hard earned immortality for commoners,
Princesses fall for street urchins,
And that falling in love with an explorer does not risk a nasty smallpox infection.
This group is for you!” (“Disney Gave Me Unrealistic Expectations About Love”).

This description speaks to individuals who have grown up with Disney films, and looks at the realistic elements of popular movies. This group is very cute and fun however; holds value in relation to people’s perceptions of relationships but also love. I think that this group targets both males and females and their connection to Disney as children. This group allows for individuals to express their feelings and how Disney has affected their outlook on love as well as life.

     This is a clip from the 1959 (“ImDb”) film, Sleeping Beauty with Princess Aurora singing the famous song, “Once Upon a Dream”. It presents Princess Aurora’s desire to find her “dream prince”. This clip shows Princess Aurora’s dependence on finding the perfect man. It further presents an idea about love and how easy it is to find a partner but more importantly, the ideas of affection and adoration.  


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